Aspex Portsmouth

Latest Exhibitions
Forgotten Lines, Joella Wheatley
Tale of Tresses, Maral Mamaghanizadeh
Wonderland, Mohammad Barrangi
Soft Vessels, Sne Tak
Vivien Blackett
A Town Shaped by Us, St John’s Primary School
In A Right State, Graham Budgett, John Heartfield and Peter Kennard
Thirty Pieces of Silver, Cornelia Parker
Voyages from Eden to Utopia; Hercules, Nigel Helyer
Latest Projects
Latest Events
Aspex Winter Holiday Club, HAF
Funding for Artists and Arts Projects, with Arts Council England
Artist One to Ones
Festive Family Fun Day
Aspex at 40 Party
Pompey Heroes Project: A Retrospective
An Introduction to DIY Curating & Self-organising
Platform Artists Talk
Platform Graduate Award, Preview