Artist Support

We have been supporting artists at Aspex for the past 37 years, and have a range of events, services and support available to help you develop your professional practice.

First among these is the Aspex Artist Associates scheme.

The AAA scheme has been designed to support the development of your ideas, projects and practice, help artists build their network of contacts and ultimately develop their creative career. 

Our one-to-one sessions and Crit Groups are led by the acclaimed artist Jonathan Parsons.

For just £5 per month (totalling £60 for the year), Aspex Artist Associates receive: 

  • A yearly one-to-one surgery with Jonathan
  • Free entrance to multiple artist-focused events, including inspirational talks, symposiums, toolkit sessions and opportunities for networking and socialising
  • Discounted entry fees to open submission calls such as 'Emergency'
  • Additional one-off one-to-one surgeries with Jonathan at the discounted rate of £30
  • A member listing on the Aspex website, including links to their own website
  • Membership on our exclusive AAA mailing list, meaning you will receive news about forthcoming events and artist calls

Our AAA programme is managed by our Curator, Catherine Sadler. To join, contact us and we will guide you through the process!

Current members of the AAA network:

Kathy Williams Jennifer Pritchard
Amanda Bates Julia Wilkinson
James McLellan Jacqueline Rolls
Maggie Cochran Dewi Carey
Tracy Hodder Charlotte Hornby
Susan Fitch Natividad (Naty) Lopez-Holguin
James Paddock Gillian Hawkins
Denise Walsh Beth Davis-Hofbauer
Tanya Wood Michael Wright
Ailsa Brims Suna Imre
Kim Whitby Lyndy Moles
Michelle Morgan  Charlotte Edsell
Mary Eighteen Donna Jones
Thomas Moulson Julie Wall
Lisa Lewis Eva Fraser Harris
Beverley Daniels Katherine Howlett-Davies 
Aldobranti Fosco Fornio Evagelia Hagikalfa
Sam Walker Sue Emery
Christy Del Fresno Clarke Reynolds
Sehila Craft Donna Poingdestre
Oya Allen Jilly Evans
Simon Balthazor Sue Paraskeva
Sarah Jeffries  Abi Wheeler
Adargoma Mejias-Sanabria Michelle Morgan
Jeannie Driver Joe Greenwood
Pat O'Mahoney  Julia Keenan 
Mike Bartlett Isabelle Séné