Aspex Portsmouth

COMMUNAL: Photobook Night

As part of the COMMUNAL programme, you’re invited to join the Photobook Night hosted by local photographer Karl Bailey of Pompey Darkroom.

Come and join photobook and photography enthusiasts alike to enjoy 2 hours with a selection of photobooks, we encourage participants to bring their favourite book to share in the experience too. This is an informal social event, using photobooks as a tool to generate discussion around photography and to allow people to meet other photographers in the city.


Thursday 1 June 2023



To book your place now, please click the link here


The COMMUNAL programme was first launched in 2018 by the Brighton CCA, and was designed as a template to share resources and networks to build a more sustainable creative ecology and a model for supporting communities over the long term in Brighton.

Catalysed by the pandemic and maintained due to the continuing challenges our communities face, Aspex Portsmouth is taking this approach to offer our space as a meeting point for our local communities to gather. The COMMUNAL programme aims to identify how cultural institutions can best serve their communities through knowledge exchanges between Aspex and Brighton CCA.