Aspex Portsmouth

mā mā

Using the Gu Zheng (古筝) to connect to her Chinese heritage and mother, Ladina will share some of her favourite pieces that thematically and sonically tie to Rae-Yen Song’s ☰pa●○pa☴. Join us for an evening of music, a Chinese traditional dessert and connection in an informal, social setting.

How to book

This event will take place at Aspex Portsmouth on Sunday 10 September, from 6pm-8pm. Tickets are pay what you can and range from £2 – £8. You can book your ticket on Eventbrite by clicking the link here

About Ladina

Ladina was inspired to learn 古筝 from watching Chinese traditional soap operas with her mother. She has studied under various 古筝 masters in the USA and in the UK and has played at weddings and events across the USA, Italy, and Hong Kong. Ladina has also performed with the Chinese Youth Orchestra for the One Year Countdown to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and at the International Folk Culture and Sports Gala in Beijing in August 2007.

She is half Hong Kong Chinese and half Swiss, and has studied 古筝 with 朱小萌 in London. She enjoys playing traditional Chinese songs and, as a passionate swing dancer, is exploring jazz and blues on 古筝. Currently based in Portsmouth, Ladina plays 古筝 at events organised by the Portsmouth Chinese Association.