Aspex Portsmouth

The Sea Changes Into Words, Closing Event

Free to attend, advance booking required – a Zoom Meeting link for this event will be sent to the email address used for booking.

Artist Bettina Fung invites you to join her for a special closing event as she completes a month-long durational performance and closes the Gathering Space in her interactive digital artwork The Sea Changes Into Words.

For this event we will meet on Zoom to reflect on the work and discuss our experiences of it then gather one last time to read, respond and make our final marks in the Gathering Space, which will have grown and changed over the course of the previous thirty days. To signify the closing and archiving of the shared, collaborative space we will perform a collective activity, bringing something from the digital realm into the physical world. Participants will need to bring their own squares of paper for the activity; for guidance on preparing your paper please visit

Before entering The Sea Changes Into Words we would like all visitors to be aware that the Gathering Space may, at some times of day be unmonitored and we therefore recommend that under 18s only enter the online Gathering Space with the supervision of an adult. For advice on how to stay safe when using the internet we recommend Childline’s information here.

Aspex and Bettina Fung (the artist) are committed to creating a welcoming, accepting and safe environment for all visitors. You may encounter fellow participants in the Gathering Space and we encourage mutual respect, collaboration and exchange.  This is a collaborative space with contributions made by many participating individuals. Some views and opinions stated here may not reflect the beliefs of Aspex and the artist, and should not be deemed as reflective of their position. This is also a space that appreciates the coexistence of similarities and differences and again we encourage all participants to be respectful of different cultural practices, attitudes and beliefs.

Any derogatory language, personal attacks, violence and threats of violence, unwelcome sexual content, racism, transphobia, homophobia, ageism, sexism, ableism, body shaming, disruptive behaviour and harassment of any form will not be tolerated. Any inappropriate content or incidences of cyber crime found in the Gathering Space should be reported to Aspex immediately by using this form.

The Sea Changes Into Words is best experienced on a computer as some features of the game may not work as intended on a tablet or mobile device. 

Most players take around 30 minutes to reach the Gathering Space but you may want to spend longer exploring the building. To take a shortcut at the start of the game, tell the Receptionist you have been here before and you are here for the Gathering Space.

The game has been tested with some screen readers but if you are having difficulties accessing the work please contact or call the gallery during opening hours on 02392 778080.

If you are having technical difficulties accessing the Gathering Space during this event please email We will be monitoring the inbox throughout the event to provide support promptly.