Aspex Portsmouth

Vera Hadzhiyska, Names & clay workshops

During Vera Hadzhiyska’s residency at the artists studio at Aspex, she is focusing on starting a conversation about the meaning of names and their importance to our sense of belonging and identity. She will be holding workshops centered around the meaning of names and making clay name carvings.

The workshops are open to everyone and will take place every weekend during Vera’s artist residency at Aspex, Sat & Sun from 2-3 pm.

To book online please click here.

Drop-ins are also welcome (Fri- Sun). The workshops are part of Vera’s Arts Council funded “Developing your Creative Practice” project expanding her socially engaged practice with the Muslim community at heart.

The clay name plates created during the workshops will be exhibited at the artist studio in Aspex throughout the duration of Vera’s residency.