Aspex Portsmouth

Generated Together

Len Abery, Barbara Bessant, Roger Day, Ken Groves, David Ho, Raymond Philpott, Maureen Ann Robson, Sylvia Schofield, Derek Smith, George Todd, John Whitmore   

This exhibition presents artwork made by participants of Generate. Aspex has been running Generate since 2015, supporting people with dementia and their carers through a weekly arts workshop.

By bringing people together through shared experiences at the gallery, whether they are completely new to art or reviving a previous interest, Generate creates a support network and a welcoming and inclusive group, which promotes creativity and enjoyment.

The project began from a passion at Aspex whereby we felt art could have a positive impact and real benefit to the lives of people with dementia and their carers. We focus particularly on those that are still living at home or in the community, and therefore might be more at risk of isolation and lacking in confidence and self esteem.

The person-centred approach to Generate means that we are able to support participants at all stages. Each person works on their own projects with advice from professional artists Roy Eneas and Abi Wheeler, so everyone is working in a way which is appropriate to their interests and needs. During national lockdowns in 2020/21, the group have stayed in contact using a Whatsapp group and regular phone calls.

The work created by this group is truly extraordinary and shows the distinct style of each artist. We are holding this exhibition to share the work with the community and celebrate the generous funding from the Rayne Foundation, which has enabled Generate to continue throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Generate is supported by The Rayne Foundation and Arts Council England through the Catalyst: Evolve programme.