Aspex Portsmouth

Kitty Hall: Traces

Traces by Kitty Hall showcased a series of ice cream coloured ceramic vessels, cast from cardboard indentations. Conscious of our social condition of ignoring and turning away from waste, Traces made use of imprinted cardboard that has previously been used to package tins, cans and bottles to cast the ceramic vessels. She believes that these objects have a full life, that they were made by someone somewhere and then sold, used and thrown away.

The collection attempted to challenge the perceptions of the throwaway and to suggest alternative ways to transform rubbish into something beautiful; provoking us to change our attitude towards waste and reconnect with what we dispose of and begin to accept it.

“I am often inspired by the overlooked, I think rubbish can be really beautiful, the trails people leave behind and the stories they can tell. I will see an object or material in the street and feel a real tactile need to solidify it, to make it more permanent, which casting allows me to do – I want to add value to these materials by translating them into ceramic,” Kitty said.

The pieces in this collection were semi-porcelain slip casts fired to stoneware. Slip casting is a ceramic forming technique for the production of pottery and other ceramics, especially for more complicated shapes not easily made on a wheel. Liquefied clay is poured into a plaster mould and left to form a layer, the cast, on the inside walls of the mould.

About Kitty Hall

Kitty is a ceramicist and mould maker based in London. She graduated from the University of Brighton in 2019, where she studied 3D Design & Craft, specialising in ceramics.

Kitty makes slip-casts using handmade plaster moulds, and one off material moulds. Her work predominantly in porcelain. She explores what has been overlooked. The object or material she sees is thought to have a tactile need to solidify it and make it more permanent. Casting allows her to preserve the ephemeral.

This collection was exhibited at New Designers 2019, Islington Business Centre.