ARMA is coming to aspex!

21 October 2015

engage and the Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award are delighted to announce that the 2016 Artist in Residence and commission will be hosted by aspex, Portsmouth.

“It’s been given one last moment to shine.”

9 July 2015

Earlier this week, an unexpected new message appeared on S Mark Gubb’s ‘Trav’ller in the Dark’. We shared the image across our social media channels, and it stirred up some very strong feelings — and raised questions about the nature of ownership of public art, the point at which engagement with a public piece becomes ‘vandalism’, and much more besides.

A Friday meet

9 May 2015

On Friday the group met bright and early at the apartment to discuss how each artist would display their work in the garden space. Showing work in this more informal environment encouraged the artists to rethink how they would present their work and there were some really exciting outcomes.