Aspex Portsmouth

Placement at Aspex

Hello! I’m Jasmine and I have been working at Aspex for the past 6 months on a Kickstart placement as a Gallery Assistant. I am so grateful to the whole Aspex team for being so supportive and welcoming and can luckily say that I have been given the opportunity to continue my time at Aspex in an apprenticeship as a Junior Content Producer to work alongside the Marketing and Communications Manager.

I graduated from university last year and felt very lost trying to begin my creative career, when I found Aspex it honestly changed my life. Working in a peaceful, inspiring environment with such friendly people, being trusted and encouraged to share my knowledge and creativity with the team and learn from each of them has really helped me grow and develop confidence in myself as a person and in my creative journey.

My 6 month placement as Gallery Assistant has been an amazing experience, full of great memories. A special thank you to Sophie, who has given me so much guidance and support in my journey and has allowed me to explore new opportunities that I wouldn’t have found the confidence to believe I could achieve without her. Aspex have sent me to Birmingham for a Marketing AMA Conference and London, New Designers show which helped me to reconnect with my creativity and find new ways of working. Highlights from my placement are designing the Generate campaign and creating the signage for Victorious Festival. I am looking forward to what the rest of my journey at Aspex will bring.