35 & Counting: Delaine Le Bas

In early February we launched ’35 & Counting’, an exhibition and online auction, marking 35 years of supporting emerging artists.

All proceeds of the online auction, launching on Thursday 16 February (5pm), will support our artist residency programme.

To showcase the 29 artworks generously donated, we have asked each of the artists to remind us about their involvement with the gallery and what a residency means to them. 


Delaine Le Bas' 'Witch Hunt' (2009)

Delaine Le Bas

Delaine Le Bas was born in Worthing, West Sussex in 1965 and studied for her MA at St Martins School of Art, London.

Delaine is a cross disciplinary artist creating installations, performances, photography and films. She was one of sixteen artists who were part of ‘Paradise Lost’ The First Roma Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2007.

She works with her husband the artist Damian Le Bas creating works for their ongoing projects ‘Safe European Home?/Frontier De Luxe’ and ‘Gypsy Revolution’. She also creates text works with her son, the writer Damian James Le Bas. She has shown her works internationally including her solo installation ‘Witch Hunt’, commissioned by Aspex, which has been touring since 2009. 

What does a studio/place to work mean to you?

"A studio/place to work is a sanctuary for an artist a space not only to create work but to be able to process ideas mentally as well as physically. It is not always possible to afford or have these spaces for artists but they are essential"

How have funded residencies supported your professional development, and what impact have they had on your work?

"Funded residencies have enabled me to produce some of my major works: 'Crystal Ball \Genocide' (video below). This being one example, they give you the time and space in different environments to reassess your artistic practice and create new works."

Delaine Le Bas' 'Crystal Ball \Genocide' (2012)

About the artwork


'Lambs To The Slaughter'

  • Mixed media collage
  • 30.5x33
  • Auction code: 14-DLB

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'Little Girl'

  • Mixed media collage
  • 27x41cm 
  • Auction code: 15-DLB​

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'Lambs To The Slaughter’ and ‘Little Girl’ are mixed media collages made from a combination of works created over 2002-2007. The collages directly relates to embroidery and applique works made for The First Roma Pavilion ‘Paradise Lost’ Venice Biennale 2007.