A Friday meet

On Friday the group met bright and early at the apartment to discuss how each artist would display their work in the garden space. Showing work in this more informal environment encouraged the artists to rethink how they would present their work and there were some really exciting outcomes. Once the work was ready we all headed out to explore more of the Biennale, while curators Jo and Mark visited the British Council’s lunch for UK artists.

After a slight overdosing of art, we met back at the apartment ready to open the show to the public. The adaptations to the exhibition were really interesting – Karin decided to drown her pots creating beautiful results, Kypros and Nelly both used the trees in the garden to present their work, Surrealism beat the odds once again and we had live lassoing tutorials from Sam, resulting in our research magician Stuart being lassoed himself!

The exhibition came to a close and we headed out to the opening of the Swiss Pavillion to see the beautiful work of Pamela Rosenkranz. After a pit stop for ‘wake-up-coffee’ we went over to a great party put on by the Welsh where we enjoyed the live music, food and plentiful alcohol – needless to say some of us aren’t looking our best this morning!!!