Aspex Portsmouth

Aspex (life begins) at 40, Digital Commissions

To celebrate our 40th Anniversary Aspex commissioned four artists to make new digital artworks. 

During the production phases of their projects the artists also undertook remote residencies with Aspex, connecting online to discuss their work in progress, and get involved with other aspects of Aspex (life begins) at 40. This has included consulting with the designers of our new website; liaising with the artist-educators developing digital learning resources; and interviewing an artist featured in our archive.

Bettina Fung 馮允珊, The Sea Changes Into Words 

The Sea Changes Into Words is a durational online performance and text-based game, which invites visitors into a virtual building that is a reimagining of the new Aspex website. Using the style of a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book, players can determine their own route through the game to explore multiple rooms, and ultimately make their way to an online Gathering Space.

To complement the digital artwork Bettina Fung has interviewed Suki Chan about the A Hundred Seas Rising project and exhibition, and her practice and research more broadly.

Hardeep Pandhal, Rishi Ritch & BAMEstorm

Rishi Ritch and BAMEstorm are two new recorded audio works by artist Hardeep Pandhal. Both tracks discuss race and Pandhal’s experiences of racial inequality within academia and the art world. Each is also accompanied by a poster artwork featuring the lyrics performed by the artist.

To complement the digital artwork Hardeep Pandhal has interviewed Peter Kennard about his work and the 1987 group exhibition, In A Right State which was shown at Aspex in Brougham Road.

Jaf Yusuf, Binfinity & Beyond

Binfinity and Beyond (9mins 25secs) is an animated digital video by artist Jaf Yusuf. Yusuf works in 3D animation to generate images, locations and events in order to see and understand them. Re-imagining scenarios around social issues like austerity, housing and commuting. In recent years these themes have emerged through the re-telling of familial stories, alternate histories and memories. 

To complement the digital artwork Jaf Yusuf has interviewed Nils Norman about his work and 2008 exhibition at Aspex, Ruins, Monuments and Follies.


SAPPHIRE (9mins 32secs) is a video work by artist NT. NT is a multidisciplinary artist whose work often utilises performance, film, sound, and print. Their work has been shown throughout the UK and internationally. Amongst NT’s interests is the idea of watching; the ‘awareness’ of the gaze; and the aspect of looking – whether it is by the artist; the viewer; or the camera lens. As well as the tension that arises from courting the gaze by the subject, artist, and/or lens. NT is also interested in historiography: how history is made and interpreted, and uses appropriation as a means of disruption, re-interpretation, and re-evaluation of the past.

To complement the commission, NT has interviewed artist Harold Offeh about his 2004–5 Aspex exhibition Being Mammy.


Aspex (life begins) at 40 has been supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.