Call for Artists: Digital Resources for Families

Call for Artists: Digital Resources for Children, Young People & Families. In Search of Chemozoa, Boredomresearch

To accompany our next exhibition In Search of Chemozoa by artist duo boredomresearch, Aspex is commissioning a series of online resources to engage children, young people and families.

We want to create exciting and engaging experiences that reach broad and diverse audiences. The resources will be available for families to access and use at home, but also used within the gallery alongside the exhibition.

We have three commission opportunities available, each at £220, for selected artist educators to design their resource. Across the commissions we are seeking to engage a broad spectrum of ages and abilities, therefore we ask you to detail in your application the target audience of your resource, as well as the activity and the design.

Each resource should engage with the exhibition In Search of Chemozoa, providing children and families that are unable to visit the exhibition physically with an understanding of the artists, the artwork and its context.

Following the production of the resources there may also be a further paid opportunity for the commissioned artists to lead a session for youth/community groups local to the gallery, to support the staff working in those settings to use the resources for their children, young people & families.

About the exhibition

Exploring new perspectives in response to the first study of cancer across species, boredomresearch present a poetic rendering of a fictional organism, called Chemozoa. Created in collaboration with the Arizona Cancer Evolution Center, the exhibition responds to mythical creatures documented in scientific literature to reveal tensions and interconnections between human and planetary health. In a video installation combining computer animation, filmed environments and scientific speculation, boredomresearch weave a poetic narrative that introduces new ideas emerging from cancer research. In it a bridge is formed between creative fiction and scientific insight that is changing how we respond emotionally and practically to one of the most challenging diseases for humanity.

In Search of Chemozoa looks at the ‘fuzzy edge’ of cutting edge science where myth, fantasy and speculation encourages creativity and insight. For more information please see the video below.

The commission will need to be:

● Two to four sides of A4 or video files lasting up to 10 mins;

● a project or a series of shorter activities, which have scope to be expanded on eg. include tips on how to take it further, things to research, links to other relevant project suggestions;

● in response to the exhibition artists and themes;

● standalone activities, so should not require prior knowledge of the artists or artworks, these will need to be explained within the resource; ● visually exciting and appealing to children and families;

● high quality, in line with Arts Council England’s Quality Principles;

● useable by and directed at children/young people;

● suitable for children and families to complete at home with limited artist materials;

Graphic design skills are not necessary for you to undertake the commission. If you are able to complete the commission to Aspex branding, including use of fonts and logos, we will provide these. Alternatively, the commission can be provided in an editable format, to allow Aspex to add these in. We are open to the design being created in any medium to suit your work, eg. it could be hand illustrated, contain videos and/or photographs

To apply, please provide an Expression of Interest, a CV and a completed Equalities Monitoring Form. In your Expression of Interest you may wish to include:

● Your experience and an example of previous, relevant work

● The target audience you will focus your resource on

● The themes you plan to respond to

● Ideas for what your activity will involve and how children will interact with it

● The format you will use eg. pdf/video

● Confirmation of your availability to complete the resource by the deadline

● The details of two references who can provide details of your work credentials and character, Name, address, email and in what capacity you know each other.

We are happy to accept your Expression of Interest in different formats, this can be written (no more than 1 side of A4); video or audio (no longer than 5 mins); or illustration/photographs.

Please submit applications to using the subject line: Application for Digital Resources

New Application deadline: 5pm on Sunday 22nd November

Successful candidates will be notified by Wednesday 25th November

For an informal chat about the application, if you need any assistance completing your application, or need materials in an alternative or accessible format, please contact Vicky Chapter by emailing or by calling the gallery on 02392 778080 to request a call back.

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