Aspex Artist Associates

Aspex Artist Associates

19 Feb - 4 Jun

We have been supporting artists for the past 37 years, and have a range of events, services and support available to help artists develop their professional practice.

First among these is the Aspex Artist Associates scheme (AAA). The AAA scheme has been designed to support the development of ideas, projects and practice, help artists build their network of contacts and ultimately develop their creative career.

As part of this scheme, we have offered five Associate Artists the use of our Artist’s Studio - an opportunity for them to build new bodies of work, test out new ideas and enhance their skills.

To follow their progress, use the hashtag #AspexArtist on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


About the artists

Oya Allen

19 February - 18 March

Allen will be using the residency opportunity to develop a new project, exploring memory, childhood games, magical thinking and divination.

The artist intends to investigate these concepts using materials associated with painting, in an unconventional, deconstructed way that pushes the boundaries of what painting is.

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @oyaallen
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Abi Wheeler

2 - 22 April

A residency exploring the iconic form of the lifejacket, examining its function, material and construction as part of an evolving body of work.

Using traditional textile construction methods such as quilting and hand knitting, the artist’s current work explores the human relationship with place, in specific, coastal communities.

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @abiwheeleriow
  • Twitter: @abi_wheeler

Gillian Hawkins

23 - 29 April

The subject matter of Hawkins’ work is the domestic space, and the emotions and relationships within and relating to that space. The artist primarily pursue these themes in painting and printmaking.

Another area of interest is domestic china: the ordinary items used over the past century or so, which witnessed the high and low points of individual’s lives. Gillian will be using her residency to research for an upcoming trip to visit and document a china manufacturer in Stoke on Trent.


Sam Walker

30 April - 27 May

Working with paper, fabric and paint, Walker will be investigating and developing work as part of an ongoing body of work: World Series. This comprises set of felt baseball pennants responding to global politics in 2017.

The artist believes that the opportunity will give them the freedom to think and create on a greater scale, allowing their work to evolve.

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @samwalkerarts
  • Twitter: @samwalkerart

Julia Keenan

28 May - 10 June

Keenan is developing a new body of work: EVERYTHING IS A MAQUETTE. The title of this work stems from from the notion that everything which has gone before, has led to where you are now.

The artist said: “I see it as an opportunity to make an excavation – a peeling back and revealing of my work and research. To see what connections can be made from past works and how I came to be at the current point where I find myself. Like a giant inversion.”

  • Twitter @juliakeenan
  • Instagram @juliakeenanartist



Image: Aspex Artist Associate James Mclellan, using Aspex’s Artist’s Studio (2017)