Artists in Conversation | Luna Park 10 Years

Artists in Conversation | Luna Park 10 Years

2 Aug

Luna Park 10 Years - a case study for public art in the 21st Century Sunday 2 August, 19.00hrs, Free. 

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Artist duo Heather and Ivan Morison join Joanne Bushnell, Director of Aspex and Hannah Firth, Director of Programme at Chapter to discuss ‘Luna Park’, it’s new iteration in Virtual Reality (‘Luna Park 10 Years’) and plans for a permanent tribute to be installed in Portsmouth next year.

‘Luna Park’, a 16 metre tall sculpture of an Ultrasaurus, astounded thousands of visitors in 2010 and drew national media attention when the sculpture unexpectedly burnt down during a storm, preventing an onward tour to Colchester and Cardiff. To mark ten years since ‘Luna Park’ Aspex has commissioned Heather and Ivan Morison to rebuild the sculpture in virtual reality, and is simultaneously crowdfunding for a new work combining a digital memory archive and bronze scale model of the original. Mindful of recent debate about who chooses the sculptures and statues in public space, this conversation will consider the impact of a temporary work like ‘Luna Park’, and how ten years on from a commission led by Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, the Ultrasaurus sculpture is now firmly held by the people of Portsmouth as part of their city’s heritage.