Crowdfunder | Bring Back the Southsea Dinosaur

Crowdfunder | Bring Back the Southsea Dinosaur

31 Jul - 13 Sep

This summer we are celebrating ten years since ‘Luna Park’, the Southsea Dinosaur that was visited, photographed, climbed on and enjoyed by thousands of Portsmouth residents in 2010. 

To mark this unique moment in our city’s history Aspex has teamed up with ‘Luna Park’ artists Heather and Ivan Morison once again, to design a new piece of public art. The artwork will act as a fitting tribute to the immensely popular original, and will have an integrated interactive digital archive of public memories and photographs to be enjoyed by future generations.

The Crowdfunder launched on Friday 31 July. 10.00hrs. Find out how much we've raised so far & how you can donate:

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