In Conversation | Maggie Roberts (Mer)

In Conversation | Maggie Roberts (Mer)

19 May

Artist Maggie Roberts (aka Mer) will talk about the ideas behind her work in Uncanny Valley, Difficult Kin with the audience and Joanne Bushnell, Director of Aspex.

The immersive show fuses traditional and digital media, and here the artist will discuss her methods and influences.

Uncanny Valley is the term used in robotics to describe human responses of deep unease when interacting with the radical otherness of 'lifelike' robots. Algorithmic intelligence, magic, plasticity, symbiotic hybrids and swamp demons all trigger an uncanny valley-like response.Difficult Kin refers to the potential for an animistic engagement with material, virtual and nonhuman life to encourage perceptual shifts towards a more entangled, abstract and porous being.

Uncanny Valley, Difficult Kin comprises multimedia artworks, including a Youtube ASMR inspired audio fiction, an ambient soundscape, HD videos and a wandering sculpture/ installation made of crystals, detritus, ocean flotsam, photographic collage, laser cut stencils and fabrics,


This event takes place on Sunday 19 May, 14.00hrs.

Attendance to this event is free. Booking can be made via our Eventbrite page (CLICK HERE). At the event, please present your ticket to the Info Desk.

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