ReEarthed | Silvia Kamodyova

ReEarthed | Silvia Kamodyova

25 Apr - 1 Jul

Presenting ReEarthed - an exhibition all about what grounds you; reconnecting you with what it means to be a part of a community or culture.

ReEarthed showcases a collection of colour splash designs, using traditional methods and materials from Brighton based artist Silvia Kamodyova.

Kamodyova's collections are a contemporary interpretation of simple historical objects with a strong focus on function and colour. While the origins of her early work can be traced to her Slovakian heritage, ongoing research takes her enquiring eye to peasant ceramic ware from sources as diverse as Spanish pharmacy jars and French Confit pots.

“The inspiration behind my collection is my heritage.  I’ve moved away from my country Slovakia in 1999 and on my visits I’m not interested in the new, instead, I find fascination within the old relics that transport to a different time and place”.

With a passion and respect for crafts, Kamodyova sees these objects as a vital element of our cultural and social history and is uncompromising in her research and development.

Fascinated with Slovakian folklore, her work reflects the simple beauty of agrarian vessels, decorating her terracotta clay pieces with marks inspired by the landscape. The artist uses coloured slip mixed from raw materials and handles made from naturally tanned brown British leather.

Reflecting her commitment to authenticity, every aspect of production takes place in-house. Kamodyova's drawings inform the models from which she makes her moulds; she also mixes casting slip, makes glazes, cuts leather straps, nothing is outsourced.

Each range presents a complementary combination of fresh bright colours alongside quieter tones. Pattern is minimal, using simple strokes, lines or bases of colour.  Past collections have been inspired by travels such as to Morocco and Portugal, while the current palette emerged from studies of the Bloomsbury residence, Charleston House.

About Silvia Kamodyova

Located in the heart of Brighton on the south coast of the UK, Silvia established her eponymous studio shortly after graduation in 2012. Silvia spent four years at the University of Brighton, graduating with an MDes in Ceramics and Visual Research in 2012. Silvia K Ceramics has since won awards such as Elle Decoration Design Awards 2016 and New Designers One Year On 2013.

Alongside her growing business, Silvia worked as a technical demonstrator in the University of Brighton Ceramics Department from 2015-17, where she gained exceptional teaching experience specialising in hand building techniques, surface decoration and mould making. She now runs small group classes in her studio.