Team Locals: Photography Showcase

Team Locals: Photography Showcase

20 Jul - 31 Dec

We are delighted to be partnering with Team Locals -  a design and media studio, on their monthly photography competition.

The competition gifts local photographers prizes from Portsmouth and Southsea businesses as a way of saying thank you for the passion they have in capturing the beauty of our city.

Entries are judged against a number of metrics, including aesthetics (breathtaking visual beauty), storytelling (context of and meaning behind photos), technicalities (photographic methods, e.g. long exposure), and the unique portrayal of each month’s theme.

Photographers have complete creative freedom on how pictures are taken: DSLR, film, pinhole, smartphone, compact, Polaroid/Instax scans etc. are all permitted.

Successful photographs will be exhibited within the Aspex Cafe Space from July 2017.

For details of upcoming photography competition themes, you can follow Team Locals on Instagram (@teamlocals). Read below to find out more about the existing 2017 winners.

Exhibiting winners

Month Theme Winner Description


‘Fresh Starts’ Alex Slator (@alex_slator_southsea on Instagram)  “Picking a winner for January was seriously tough, but this combination of candid portraiture and urban cityscape works so well, we had to go with Alex Slator’s early rise picture. It’s familiar, but twists the ‘freshness’ of our daily starts. The composition feels at once planned and quickfire, and the tease of the Spinnaker Tower on the horizon brings it all back to Portsmouth. It’s also a fresh angle on the city that we’ve not seen captured quite like this before.”


‘In Pairs’ Johnny Black (@johnnyblackuk on Instagram) “It’s not just that this is a beautiful and unique perspective of the Royal Garrison Church in Old Portsmouth, or that Johnny has captured the sun casting a pleasingly long shadow across its roof — it’s the perfectly-placed and expertly-composed candid couple, and the second pair in the photo: two slits in the spire’s shadow cut out by its windows. A well-deserved February victor.”


‘Old & New’ Louise Stratton “From the Spinnaker Tower and the lilac sunset skies to the worn-down harbourisde boats and strong silhouetting contrast between highlights and shadows, this picture by Louise Stratton is eye-catching, intriguing, and beautiful.”


‘Colour’ Michael (@________eight on Instagram) “Play up Pompey! Michael took the crown this month with a wonderfully-angled stretch of yellow and blue snapped at Fratton Park, celebrating our home team’s league promotion through photography. The almost-abstract sea of chairs is immensely pleasing to the eye, and the picture has real depth.”



Andrew (@fivearchitects on Instagram) “Very pleased to say that @fivearchitects is this month’s overall winner, with this exquisitely composed low-down shot taken in Eastney. A tidy 50/50 centre-split photo, with a perfectly sharp foreground full of detail and chiaroscuro.”


‘Street Life’

Paul Scott (@oldskoolpaul on Instagram) “Paul’s winning photo captures life, the street, and a feeling of rebelliousness. The timing of the shot is fantastic, the perspective is eye-catching, and you can tell Paul has paid attention to the spread of colours in his picture.”


About Team Locals

Team Locals is a design and media studio using photography, film, social media, and content creation to promote events and businesses around the south coast of England.

They said: "Based in Portsmouth and Southsea, you’ll often see us roaming the historic coastal ramparts of Old Portsmouth or picnicking down on the beach — the rest of the time, we’re working around the clock creating, designing, and writing from our headquarters in the beautiful 1800s clocktower in Castle Road, enjoying the beach views and warm community atmosphere of our city.

To celebrate our stunning city, and to inspire the boundless wealth of passionate photographers across the island, we launched our monthly photography competition. Selecting a monthly theme as a starting point, our competition motivates photographers to get out and shoot, regardless of experience of equipment. Plus, every month, the overall winner gets some awesome prizes sourced from local eateries, venues, and businesses."