Luna Park

Luna Park

1 Jul - 30 Jun

The original Luna Park by Heather & Ivan Morison was a 16m tall ‘life-size’ sculpture of a fictional Ultrasaurus, which in the summer of 2010, while sited on Southsea Common, was visited, photographed, climbed on and enjoyed by thousands of people until it unexpectedly burnt down. 

To mark the anniversary of this much loved work, affectionately know by Portsmouth’s residents as ‘The Southsea Dinosaur’ Aspex commissioned Studio Morison to make a new website and VR artwork. Luna Park is brought back to life for online visitors within a 360 degree digital Southsea Common, to visit Luna Park 10 Years, Click Here.


Online visitors are also invited to share stories and photos to help develop a community archive. Please email them to


Bring Back Southsea Dinosaur


Aspex has been working closely with artists Heather & Ivan Morison to develop a permanent tribute to the much loved Ultrasaurus, a piece of public art which will be both physical and virtual. A recent Crowdfunder campaign has raised over £10,000 towards the cost of developing the proposed bronze sculpture, and augmented reality version of Luna Park which will appear ‘life size’ on Southsea Common, together with an integrated community archive, conserving and showcasing the photos and memories of Portsmouth’s residents.


“Heather & Ivan Morison’s new work will form the centrepiece of Aspex's 40th anniversary celebrations in 2021, when we will use our archive to inspire new commissions, revisiting past works to celebrate four decades of supporting emerging artists and revealing the creative process. It is timely to reconsider the role of public sculpture in society, and this project provides our local community with an opportunity to become the commissioners, to say why it is important to them and share their memories. A huge thank you to the 147 people who supported the Crowdfunder campaign, Portsmouth Partnership who helped us over our £10K target, and to Portmsouth City Council for committing Community Infrastructure Levy funds to realise the sculpture. Fundraising continues and we plan to launch the new project Summer 2021.”


Joanne Bushnell, Director of Aspex


It’s not too late to get involved. If you want to contribute your memories, photographs or donate to the project please email

Luna Park 10 Years is delivered by Aspex in partnership with PONToon, an EU Interreg France (Channel) England funded project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and is supported by Portsmouth Creates, Portsmouth City Council and the University of Portsmouth.

Luna Park (2010) was a Chapter initiative, commissioned in collaboration with Safle through the Studio Safle programme, Aspex Portsmouth and Firstsite Colchester. The project received generous financial support from Safle, The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Arts Council of Wales, Arts Council England through Sustain and was part-financed by the European Union.

The original Luna Park, was installed by Aspex on 31st July 2010 and was visited, photographed, climbed on and enjoyed by thousands of people until it unexpectedly burnt down on 1st October. Known affectionately by Portsmouth’s residents as ‘The Southsea Dinosaur’ the sculpture had been due to travel to Colchester and Cardiff as part of a touring partnership.