Mini Makers

Mini Makers

1 Dec - 31 May

Mini Makers is an opportunity for early years to take part in accessible and friendly arts and crafts activities, alongside their parent or guardian!

Mini Makers workshops are inspired by storybooks, hand-selected from our local Portsmouth and Southsea Library Service. 

Each session will include several activities using a variety of materials such as painting, stamping, modelling and collage. This workshop is perfect quality time for parents and children to get creative together.

The sessions are informal and are flexible for you to stay as long as you would like; take a break at any time and rejoin the fun!

These toddler specific workshops are led by trained professionals and costs just £3 per child.

There's no need to book, just turn up and enjoy the creativity! The sessions start from 10.30 - 11.30am, every Wednesday including school holidays.

Upcoming Mini Makers 

Date / Book Title / Book Description / Workshop Description 

26 October

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: 'Big Scary Monster'

Big Scary Monster is one misunderstood beastie. He loves to jump out and surprise his friends, but he’s not mean, really.

Have you ever wanted to create you own monsters? This year as part of a Halloween special, Mini Makers we will be creating monsters or all shapes and sizes.

Try out Mini Makers at this one-off free session!



02 November

'Mister Seahorse' by Eric Carle

Mister Seahorse goes on a journey whilst caring for his eggs -- let’s find out who he meets along the way.

In this session we will create a swarm of fish using materials such as tin foil, paint and glitter!

09 November

'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell

This story encourages us to write to the zoo asking for a pet. However every pet we receive is not quite right!

We will be designing your own fantasy pet and exploring the animal kingdom!

19 November

'The Game of Finger Worms' by Herve Tullet

All you need to be involved in this interactive book is the tip of your finger! Take a pen and draw on two eyes and a mouth. . . and there you have it, your very own finger worm!

This sessions will be completely focused on finger painting -- what can we create and how messy can we get?

23 November

'Friends' by Eric Carle

This story is a tale of friendship between a young boy and girl and how he reacts to her moving away.

Please bring old clothes as we will spend the session drawing around each other arms, heads and legs - creating a crazy masterpiece using our bodies. There will also be the opportunity to create create portraits out of collage materials, which you can take home.

30 November

'Bounce' by Doreen Cronin

Bounce a ball right off your hands. Bounce it off your toes. Try to bounce a beach ball on the tip of your nose! This book is all about moving, bouncing and having fun!

In this session we will experiment painting with tennis balls! How high can they bounce and what art will they create?

07 December

'Green Eggs and Ham' by Dr Seuss

“Do you like green eggs and ham?” asks Sam-I-am! In a house or with a mouse? In a boat or with a goat? On a train or in a tree?

Come along and enjoy the renown rhyming of Dr Seuss! In this session we will make our own books, with paint, collage and lots and lots of rhyming!

14 December

'Fancy Dress Christmas' by Nick Sharratt

Today is the Christmas Party, and all the animals have come in fancy dress!

Design your own Christmas gift tags for your friends and family!

21 December

'Happy Christmas Maisy' by Lucy Cousins

Join Maisy in celebrating the festive season - it is full of sparkly surprises!

In this session we will be designing our own Christmas cards -- using a range of arts and crafts materials!

28 December

'Three Little Kittens' by Paul Galdone

The well-known Mother Goose rhyme about the three careless kittens who lost their mittens!

We'll be making our own pet kitten to take home with us!

04 January

'Wow! Said the Owl' by Tim Hopgood

Here's the story of a curious little owl determined to see what the world looks like during the day.

We will be doing all sorts of owl-inspired crafts, including mask and puppet making!

11 January

'I Love Bugs!' by Emma Dodd

Spiky spiny bugs to pretty spotty bugs. But the best bugs are hairy- eight - legged scary bugs!

In this session we will be working as mini-scientists, studying pictures of bugs and making some paintings of our research!